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Welcome to Journeys with Ulla

Hi! My name is Ulla and I love to explore new places. I'm originally from Estonia, but I arrived in Ireland more than a decade ago, fell in love with its breathtaking beauty and never left. I'm happy to share the west coast of Ireland's most scenic roads, awe inspiring views, cosy pubs and stories with you.

This is my story

Originally from Estonia, my own journey in Ireland started in 2004. I was  a passenger on the first ever direct flight from Tallinn to Dublin. All I had at the time was very little money in my pocket, one suitcase and willingness to explore and
experience living in a different country. It was just a “leap of faith” as there was no pre-arranged job waiting for me nor any accommodation. I barely spoke English.

What people say

I have used Ulla’s help twice to discover Ireland. It has been a wonderful opportunity to drive through this beautiful and historical country in a  comfortable car and with a great guide as I didn’t have to worry about left-hand traffic or that I could miss out some interesting places. I highly recommend Journeys with Ulla as you most certainly will see more than you expect.

Kristiina from Estonia

Private Tours on The West Coast of Ireland

November 8 2019 049.jpg

If you love to immerse yourself in beautiful scenery and prefer privacy, then come and join me for a day trip to the magnificent west coast of Ireland. Get spoiled by the grand views and vistas of Connemara, or get carried away by the rugged Atlantic coastline  and the spectacular Burren. Feel the freshness of the Atlantic breeze and embrace the sense of freedom while you’re standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher! Let it be a journey to rest your mind and nourish your soul.

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