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My Story

Hello, and thank you for reading!

Originally from Estonia, my own journey in Ireland started in 2004. I was a passenger on the  first ever direct flight from Tallinn to Dublin. All I had at the time was very little money in my pocket, one suitcase and willingness to explore and experience living in a different country. It was just a “leap of faith” as there was no pre-arranged job waiting for me nor any accommodation. I barely spoke English.

At first, my journey took me to the east coast of Ireland and I was amazed by the friendliness and kindness of Irish people. Very soon I had a job, I was able to rent my own place and life was pretty good again, but my itchy feet did not allow me to settle. After seven years of living in the east, I packed my bags again. The west coast was calling my name!

And here I am – with the wild Atlantic and rocky Burren at my doorstep and majestic Connemara just a drive away. After so many years I’m still in awe of the beauty of this spiritual landscape, never failing to nourish my soul...

By now I have travelled extensively here in Ireland and abroad. My passion for nature also includes natural healing and my journeys have taken me to different countries in order to educate myself on this topic. For many years I have worked in corporate world. Although I was very grateful for my well-paid job, something was nagging inside me. Instead of writing projects I wanted to be out there: hiking in Connemara, rambling the boglands of Mayo, gallivanting in Galway, exploring  mysterious Donegal or just driving along the Wild Atlantic Way.

It did not take too long to figure out what I wanted to do next. And here I am, at your service, dear ones!

Until we meet...


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